Why A Mentor Is So Important

I gifted the Rare Cask Macallan to Michael (CEO of Elegran Real Estate and Development) because I believed it was a superior way to show appreciation for someone who has helped guide me through my carer and life. These relationships are rare so the rare cask Macallan was the perfect choice. 

Interning for Michael back in college taught me a great deal. I wasn’t guaranteed a spot in his company after graduation but I worked very hard to get it. Michael taught me how to be the hardest worker in the room and also how to have a CEO’s mindset. He invested time with me because he saw something inside of me and knew I could become someone great. Having a mentor is key to being successful no matter what field you’re in.


During the last year of college it was very challenging for me since I was taking 18 Credits and working 30 hours on top of that. I was very motivated. At the time, I wanted to enter the luxury real estate market in Manhattan as a real estate agent and at the time I had no idea how but I was confident that I would find a way. I didn’t have any high net worth connections just yet. While taking my 75 hour real estate course, the school always had different real estate companies come in the class and try to recruit new agents, they would give out business cards, flyers and everything you can think of. I was never interested in these companies. But one day Michael Rossi came in the class and something was different about him. First off, he didn’t give out busines cards and he didn’t have flyers. At the time he was only looking for one or two people to join his company.


After his speech, I walked out with the rest of the class. I pressed the elevator button, the elevator door opened, then for some reason my gut told me to go back to the classroom and talk to Michael. When I walked back into the classroom Michael and I locked eyes. He said “you, you’re the best dressed here. I want to speak with you” and the rest is history.

He granted me an internship at his company but being a full time real estate agent was not guaranteed. But I worked very hard and eventually earned a spot in his company after graduation. Michael saw something special inside of me and he knew I could grow into something big if I put my all into it. This was in 2014 and Michael at the time was one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in Manhattan real estate. At the age of 36 his company was one of the top 5 boutique real estate companies in Manhattan. This was very inspiring to me and I aspired to be someone like him.


He taught me a lot. He exposed me to the high end market and how the handle the high net worth individuals in a business deal. He taught me how to position myself and maintain leverage throughout my career as a real estate agent. He taught me how to stick to my priorities and how to keep myself disciplined through adversity. Even though there were many times he challenged me it was all worth it in the end. He even gave me the old fashion “wax on, wax off” lesson when he invited me to his home in westchetser to paint the outside of his house, and it was... well, a lot of work. But it was just a test.


Through all of these experiences I was always open to learning new things and being the hardest worker in the room no matter the task. At the end of it all, I wouldn’t know what path my life would have taken if I didn’t meet Michael. I believe every student should have a mentor that will help and steer them in the right direction. I believe having a mentor is a key factor in building the foundation to your career. You are only good as the people you surround yourself with. 

Thank you for reading! and thank you to Macallan

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