How To Make A Plaid Blazer Look Boss

wear the stripes, don't let the stripes wear you 

Walk like a boss, think like a boss, talk like a boss. Be unapolegetic about what you wear.

Don't ever be afraid to look people in the eye ... ever. Own It

I blend elegant and classic fashion with street and other types of fashion, its key. I don't like to only wear one type of fashion. I dont put myself in a box or label. I love Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent and sandro. If they had babies, my style would be it.

This outfit is an eye catcher because the blazer and white pants contrast so well. to be honest, white pants go amazing with almost anything. try it.

There's nothing I love more than vintage Ralph Lauren Tassel Loafers. Quality and elegance at its finest. Studies show what you wear on your feet guides your thinking.choose wisely. 

The coach MEtropolitan Brief case adds the "Im important, have things to handle and have places to go" vibe, ya know?

This isn't your daddy's plaid blazer, nope. Make sure your blazer and pants fit perfectly with your body. no BAGGINESS allowed. most men wear their blazer a size too big. The fit is what makes any ensemble.

biker details on the knees of the pant add edge and detail to the whole outfit. 

This was my favorite coat throghout the winter. The fur adds a flare and elegance. My motto is: how can we make this attire EXTRA? How can we make this outfit a 20 out of 10. Let's push the limits. Lets break the scale.

Im not Classic fashion, im not street fashion, Im not chic fashion, Im not preppy fashion, Im not bohemian fashion. Im not exotic fashion. I am K.B

Photos by: Trussardi Gordon

Styled by: Me (Kevin Benejam)

Bag: Coach | Shop Here

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