3 Ways To Wear A Mint Green Suit



As the last summer months are approaching, wearing a regular dark grey and navy suit is so 1980's. Colors are meant to be used and that is why I am going to show you 3 Ways To Wear A Mint Suit.

Dressed Up with a tie and ready for a meeting with potential investors.

Edgy and ready for a party. Wearing a jogger adds a fun element to the dressed up shirt and blazer.

Casual and beach wedding ready, wearing the full suit but with a floral t-shirt and sneakers.

Fellas, you always need the right watch to add extra detail to our outfit. I highly recommend this stunning piece by Hypergrand Watches.

The mint suit makes enough of a statement so I decided to wear all white sneakers and a floral shirt, The floral shirt and sneakers are very simple but go well with the suit. In style, it's the littlest things that add the biggest reward.

With the edgy look I obviously feel like a boss. Wearing these Zara joggers with the blazer and button up floral shirt gives off a fun vibe. Everyone will know you are ready to party. 

I love wearing sneakers with suits. It's always good to break the rules, especially running with a suit.

These sneakers are one of my favorite plimsolls I own. Since they are white and have some texture, you can literally wear them with everything, literally everything. Try it.

Well I mean ... 

This is how you feel when you wear a well fitting suit ( you feel amazing), there is no better feeling. Well maybe.

Check out my brown Ralph Lauren shoes that pair up well with the Brown Coach Metropolitan Briefcase. I highly recommend matching the color of your shoes with your accessories and bag. You only get a pass to mix match if you're traveling. 

When you wear a suit that makes a statement because of the color alone, you have to be ready for the attention you will attract. I decided to go simple with a navy blue tie and white shirt. The dark navy blue tie makes the green suit pop.

The white Hypergrand watch makes a statement against the green color of the suit and really with any outfit.


When you wear a bold color I always recommend wearing bold sunglasses and also having a new and fresh haircut. When people see the effort you put in your appearance they know you mean business. 

As I always say, when you look good, you feel good. When you wear a bold color, you have to be confident in it. Wear the color and don't let it wear you.


Shirts by Zara

Suit by Asos

Watch: Hypergrand (Use code Kevinbenejam15)

Photography by Zafirahphotography


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