My Love For Cars Feat. BMW


It’s really time to embrace my love for cars. Ever since I could Remember I have always been fascinated with cars. I have been able to name every make and model.When I was 7 my mom bought me a racing simulator. Which is basically the wheel and gas petals that connected to the nascar video game I had. So on the weekends (since I wasn’t allowed to play video games on the week days haha) I would be playing all night.


 I’m not sure how many laps I did but I did ALOT ha. Fast forward to April 2018 I had a chance to race BMW’s best cars and I had the best track time for the day. They asked me if I do this often and I said I never did. Did I miss my window to be a racer? Maybe but that’s ok because I’m following my other passions. 


I love racing and I love cars because its a sign of freedom. A sign of freedom because with a car you can drive anywhere you want. I also look at cars as art, the design, the way you can customize it. A car, like fashion can be an extension of your wardrobe and how you see the world. 



A car can also be an extension of how you see the world and stage of life you're in. Whether your'e in saving mode or if you like to live in luxury, your car can be an obvious sign. 


Point is here to embrace your inner child. Do what you always wanted to do as a kid because believe it or not you can get paid for it in 2018 because not a lot of people are courageous enough to embrace their inner child. It's never too late.


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