8 Ways to Improve Your Productivity Like A Boss

Written by Kevin Benejam

First I want to say thank you to BMW and Quintessentially for providing me with the BMW 7 Series for two days. It was an absolute experience.  It rides like a beauty and made me fall in love with what BMW is capable of. This car is the most expensive most luxurious BMW on the market aside from the BMW

Ok lets get into it. Over the last 8 years after reading many books on business, self improvement and productivity these are some of the ways I have found the most successful world leaders and productive people get sh*t done

1. The Right Mindset

The most successful leaders in the world come from a simple but powerful mindset. The mindset is" If I can imagine it, I can achieve it, and If I'm committed there is always a way". The most productive ask themselves quality questions first thing in the morning in example. How can I grow today? How can I be more today? Where can I provide value? Know that you have one life, what is the most important tasks that will get you to the next level today? Right now? Not tomorrow.


2. Do the hardest thing first

Richard Branson the Founder of Virgin Group says he always does the hardest things first, Whether its working out, writing a big proposal for that project coming up. When you get the biggest thing out the way in the morning it sets the momentum for the day. Everything else feels easier. You always won't feel like it whether you are too tired or too scared. But the trick is to feel the fear and do it anyway, that is how you grow my friend. 


3. Schedule your work time in increments

Every minute counts and some of the most productive people segment their work in 45 minutes increments. During this time you should only be focusing on one task with no distractions, no email, no texts. If you get interrupted by a text or email studies say it usually takes you 10-20 minutes to get back intro the groove. Think about work like a conversation, when you get disrupted by someone you totally loose your train of thought and and it takes you a while to get back on track. Even if you're not a CEO, you are the CEO of your life.


4. Schedule your time off

I have noticed if I don’t schedule when I will take my off time such as watch a movie or hang out with friends I always end up burning myself out( I always want to work, its my nature). It's always good to set time off because we need something to look forward to on our calendar besides work. I lived the whole "working 24 hours a day sleeping only 4 hours a day" schedule and it got me really sick and it is not sustainable. You need your sleep and your rest to be the most optimal self.


5. Plan out your week

You should always have your week planned out so you can have expectations. What are the actions you need to take to get you closer to your goals? What are you goals for the day and the week? The goals for the day end up determining your results for the week. Your results for the week determine your results for the month, I could go on and on but you get the point. Every day matters, do leave one day to chance, make sure its planned. With your week planned it will make sure you have no time for unimportant things on your calendar and you can say no to a lot of things.


6. Reward yourself for every accomplish whether small or biG

Sometimes we tend to work work work without treating ourselves or giving us a pat on our own back. Or sometimes when we do treat ourselves its already after we have deprived ourselves for too long. In order to be consistent and productive we should always have something to look forward to after an accomplishment. Studies show that doing so trains your brain into being more efficient. It improves your positive feedback loop.


7. Don't respond to text messages or emails once you receive them

This might seem counter intuitive but set times throughout your day to respond to your text messages. Once you stop focusing on your task and enter a text conversation, studies say it takes about 15 - 20 minutes to put your focus back on the task. That means because you're answering the text or email you could end up loosing hours of your day. The text messages can wait unless they are urgent for business. Fortune magazine stated "the average office employee spends 2 hour per day using their cell phone which is about 10 hours per week of their work week lost. 


8. Multitasking is a myth

To really be world class at something we must focus one thing at a time. Entrepreneur magazine stated it takes 40% more of our time to switch from activity to activity. After I implemented this into my life, I found this to be true and my results have skyrocketed.

Bonus- workout

Whether it’s going to the gym, yoga or playing your favorite sport evidence proves when you exercise you released endorphins that help you make decisions, feel better and deal with stress easier throughout your day.

Thank you for reading

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