Stop Hesitating // It doesn't matter what you're facing. Your inner wisdom is always there. The thing is we often don't listen to it. When you are in tune with the signals that come from your instincts, you get a direct line from your inner voice. If you list all the people you admire: Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jay Z etc. They all listen to their inner wisdom. They figured out how to tune out the critics and trust themselves. Because the fact is, there is only ONE you and there is only ever going to be ONE you. Your instincts, your story, your experiences and inner wisdom is a gift to the world because it's unique and every time you tune it out because of the habit of hesitating, the habit of self doubt, the habit of worrying and the habit of overthinking, you are robbing the world of that unique gift you have to give. So today, when you want to express yourself in a meeting, don't filter yourself. When you see an interesting person, introduce yourself. If there is a call you know you have to make, make it. If you have an amazing idea write it down and figure out the next steps. If there is something everyone tells you not to do but your gut is screaming for you to do it then DO IT. Don't hesitate and go be YOU todAY

AllPhotos taken by @Lord_Edwin

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