Vision Sundays

|| Vision || Growing up as an only child, I used to be alone a lot of the time. I would think a lot and have these ideas I thought everyone thought about. Becoming older, I started to realize no one thought the same as I did. I now see how society forces the majority of people to be the same, through media, wrong parenting, schooling and social conditioning. This is something I do not want to be apart of. As a young kid and even till this day, I was always made fun of because I was "different". I always tried to be like the crowd but my gut told me that wasn't the way for me. I always wanted to be like my idols, but now I just want to be more like myself. I do what my gut and intuition tells me to do and if there is an idea or business I want to pursue, I will do it and am doing it with no ones permission

I have a burning desire to get people out of their own way. A lot of people are fearful of what others think and so was I. But you shouldn't care because when people say you can't do something it's only because they have never done it or scared to do it themselves. People want to sell you on their negative view of the world but you we're put here to express your unique vision of the world. If you are a true unicorn, you would get this. Just be you, and if people don't like you for being you, the right people will. I believe everyone has their own unique gifts and talents, it's truly up to you if have the guts to take the time to discover it, express it and set it free. I believe in myself, but I also believe in you - K.B

I'm a huge fan of non traditional clothing. I love this look because its not just a regular blazer, it is a jean blazer, floral shirt and ripped white jeans. I always love to add things with a little pop or a lot of pop ...


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