The King of Extra

Why was I named the king of extra? 


The King of Extra is coming to take the throne Why do I call myself the King of Extra? Extra is a way of living. It's putting extra effort in anything I do and not just what I wear. It's putting extra effort in every detail of my life. Whether it's making the extra rep in the gym, putting extra hours in the office, making the extra effort in my relationships. I always ask myself how can I make what I am pursuing and what I'm wearing as extra as possible? I ask myself is every detail in alignment with who I am or who I am becoming? This goes for my body, my finances even the socks I decide to wear in the morning. It's all about having the confidence to pull things off that others may not have the confidence to. I believe Extra is pushing the limit to reach your potential. At the end of the day the average won't go the extra mile and I think the road to being extraordinary is going that extra mile. 

It's one thing being called the name and then there's another actually living up to it. I challenge you to be Extra AF today. Wear your crown and own it